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Afternoon Accent


Spring is upon us. What a glorious day to explore some rocks by the ocean.

The mid-afternoon sun is literally painting the surface to reveal the texture and underlying orange tones.

One Mile Wonder


I first walked onto One Mile Beach under moonlight; it was so bright I didn't even use my torch to find this vantage point.

The sky was completely clear, the wind was barely noticeable and the only noise for miles was from the waves rolling onto the beach.

Long Time


As quickly as the surf pounded up the sand it rushed back again to the sea. The sky is filled with large fluffy clouds that are being pushed South-East due to the winds. Regardless, it's a gorgeous day.

I'm spending my time in the sun exploring some rather large rock outcrops and admiring the different markings on these "walls" at the base of the mountain.

Closing In


A trip to the beach to catch a sunset sounded like a great idea. I arrived only to find the wind had picked up and the clouds were gathering. Before I knew it, the signs of a storm seemed to appear before me.

And then it all blew away. Nature just can't make up its mind sometimes.

Tobacco Glow


I had earlier been walking around the edges of the surf when I got caught out by a surge of water. My shoes and socks are now saturated and my toes are numb.

As the sun dips below the horizon the final glows turn tobacco in colour and reflect on the thin layer of water covering the sand.

Distant Storm


It's quite a pleasant afternoon on the beach today. It's mostly sunny and there's not even a lot of wind.

To the South-East, the conditions look very different; rolling storm clouds and torrential rain.



It's cold, dark, and I'm standing on the edge of a cliff preparing to watch the sun spread its glow across a cloudless sky.

There's no wind and the only sound to be heard is the crashing of waves against the rocks below.

How sweet is this start to a new day.

Blue Charm


The afternoon sun to my left had long been blocked by a mountain so it only made sense to wait for the blue hour.

As the tide continued to rise I wondered if I was going to have to clamber over the rocks to get out. Nature was on my side today.



The sky was full of wispy cloud and a stunning sunset looked promising. And then it didn't happen.

I moved on to find these rock fragments and small tree surrounded by a shallow incoming tide.




Perched up on a rocky outcrop I stand here staring into the distance and watch the dreamlike clouds pass by.

I eventually 'wake up' to capture the moment. This is what memories are made of.



The sun fell below the horizon twenty minutes go and there's still plenty of light to take one final image.

Balanced on small boulders to keep my feet dry, I'm in awe of the light reflecting from the sky onto the water, providing a shimmering backdrop for this small tree to silhouette against.

Silky Sand


The surf periodically runs up the beach and as it rushes back out to sea, the setting sun reveals a golden, silk-like appearance on the sand.

All this and it's still 20 minutes before the sun actually sets. This is yet another glorious end to the day we're witnessing.

Sand Meets Sea


The sea rolls onto the beach and back out again. Oddly, despite the stormy looking clouds overhead, the waves are quite clement.

The division between the sandy beach and the sea is truly undefined.

Well Trodden


The distant clouds may be dark but the air here is still and the locals are strolling along the waters edge, up the sand dunes and over the rock crops.

The footprints of dogs and their carers are abound, demonstrating just how relaxing this area is to spend on a Saturday afternoon.

Twilight Hues


The sun had long descended before I turned around to spot a contrasting range of blues and pinks in the sky.

A few moments later a surge of water rushed around the skirts of the rock outcrop, allowing the different hues to reflect nicely on the water surface.