Black & White

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Lonely Tree


It's almost 5.00am and the sky is full of stars. I've arrived just as the tide is coming in so I put on my waders and walk out onto the sand to find a composition. It's pitch black, it's cold, I wait.

As rays of  light begin to peek over the horizon I walk around the mangroves and discover a leafless tree contrasted against a cloudless sky. I wait for just the right amount of light before capturing this image less than 10 minutes before sunrise.

White Swirls


The sun has barely risen over the horizon. There's a handful of surfers in the water although they are difficult to see from the intense band of sea-spray.

The tide is quite low and the waves are periodically pushing their way up onto the beach. The varying depths and shape of the sand is causing random swirls of water to form around my feet.