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Platform To The Sea

Not far from the Merewether Ocean Baths in Newcastle, a mid-afternoon stroll led me to this rock platform where a large, lonely, boulder stood above the rest. The ocean swell is smashing against the rocks and the rising tide allows water to land on the platform. I currently have a steady stream of water gathering around my feet.

The platform has an incredible sense of rigid stillness while everything beyond is filled with intense drama.

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One Mile Swirls

One Mile Beach is a 1.3km stretch of Anna Bay that is very popular with the local surfers. It faces South-East at the Northern end and curves around to face East at the Southern rocks.

The Northern end has sand dunes that stretch 400m inland while they narrow out considerably at the Southern end. There’s plenty of photographic opportunities around here.

The sun has barely risen over the horizon. There's a handful of surfers in the water although they are difficult to see from the intense band of sea-spray. The tide is quite low and the waves are periodically pushing their way up onto the beach. The varying depths and shape of the sand is causing random swirls of water to form around my feet.

Shadows Of The Shallows

Despite the bland weather and light conditions I ventured out to a local jetty in search of something abstract or strong shapes.

The low tide immediately caught my eye as it provided an opportunity to get low to the water where strong lines and deep shadows were quite pronounced. The bird 'sunning' itself on the pole adds an interesting element.

Beach End

Box Beach at Shoal Bay, Port Stephens, is one of three unpatrolled, east-facing, beaches nicely tucked away to the South of Tomaree Mountain. It is easily accessible via a 200m walkway from the car park.

This image is taken from the Southern most end of the 350m long beach where is meets the base of a 100m conical headland.

On this day, as quickly as the surf pounded up the sand it rushed back again to the sea. The sky is filled with large fluffy clouds that are being pushed South-East due to the winds. Regardless, it's a gorgeous day to be exploring some rather large rock outcrops and admiring the different markings on these "walls" at the base of the mountain.