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Tin City

Tin City, located on Stockton Beach between Nelson Bay and Newcastle, is a cluster of eleven shacks. Several scenes from the 1979 movie Mad Max were filmed here.

A major challenge for the people who live here isn't so much being without power, water, or sewerage, but the fact the sand can very quickly bury their homes - especially when the winter southerlies are blowing.

Fingal Spit Dawns

There's a 2km stretch between the Fingal Bay mainland and Shark Island known as 'Fingal Spit'. Under the right conditions it's passable by foot and at other times it's dangerously surrounded by deep channels and strong currents.

On this day I'm just happy to stand in the surf and watch the waves crash up the sand bank while the sun rises over the Island. Without any significant clouds in the sky the warmth and golden rays of sunlight evenly spread across the surface of the sand and water.


These scattered, similarly shaped, rock formations located at the base of Nelson Bay Lighthouse in Shoal Bay, NSW, triggered thoughts of some prehistoric creature's backbone.

The warm tones of the sand and rock contrasting against the moody sea and clouds just adds to the mystery.


Sea Puddle

The things you see when walking along the beach.

The seas are quite rough today and they regularly force their way up the sloping beach. Amazingly this huge puddle of water formed right in front of me, lasting just long enough to record the moment before it trickled back out to sea.